Where can I buy tickets to the shows?

– Tickets can be purchased online at londonmusichall.com, at our box office (located at 185 Queens Ave.) or Grooves record store.

Do I have to print out my online ticket?

– No! If you purchased your ticket online we can scan it right off your smart phone at the door of the event. Please ensure your phone brightness is all the way up.

What are the set times of the show?

– Most of the time we will not know the official set times until the day of the show. As soon as we know we will post them on our social media outlets for your convenience.

Is the time on our ticket when doors open or when the show starts?

– The time on your ticket is when the doors will open, unless labelled otherwise.

What is your refund policy on tickets?

– Refunds or exchanges are not permitted for any tickets purchased unless the headliner cancels. All refunds will be made at the point of purchase.

Can we smoke inside?

– No! It is illegal to smoke anything inside the venue. Those that smoke will be escorted out without any refunds.

Is the London Music Hall a standing only venue?

– Most of our shows are general admission standing however we always have a limited number of stools available, they are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Is there parking at the London Music Hall?

– There is a municipal lot right outside our doors on Queens Ave.

Once inside, can I leave and re-enter?

– No, the London Music Hall has a strict no ins and out policy.

Is there coat check?

– Yes, with the exception of shows in the summer and spring, our coat check will be available for $4 per coat.

Do you accept credit and/or debit cards?

– During regular box office hours (11AM-6PM Mon-Fri) the London Music Hall accepts debit/credit and cash

– During live events the London Music Hall accepts cash only, we have five ATMs in the building for your convenience.

Is the London Music Hall accessible to people with physical disabilities?

– Yes, our main floor is accessible. We have an entrance without stairs and an elevator for those who need it.

(**Please call prior to the show to let us know you’re coming so we can ensure to make everything as easy for you as possible.)

Can we still purchase alcohol at all ages shows?

– Yes, for our all ages shows those 19 years old and older will have a wristband to be able to purchase alcohol. Any minors found drinking will be escorted out of the venue immediately.

Does the London Music Hall have a Lost and Found?

– Yes, our staff and cleaners will turn in any items found to our box office. You may claim your item during our box office hours (11am-6pm between Monday-Friday)

Can I bring my backpack into a concert?
– No, backpacks are not permitted inside the London Music Hall.